Friday, May 09, 2008

This Post Is Mostly For My Dad

But you can read it too ;)

I was particularly keen on going to the DC United game last night because it's the only home game against Chicago Fire who has on their roster the man I LOVEloveLOVE to hate, Cuauhtemoc Blanco. He was a very popular Mexican player who, like Beckham, is getting older and is probably going to finish his career in the US. But the man is such an actor it's unreal. He's constantly rolling around on the ground trying to draw the foul. I love to hate him. I was super excited to be able to hate him in person.

Here's our first sighting of the hated man:

Check out the crowd...

AWW! Poor widdle Blanco got hurt!

Dang, he scored.

Eh, we totally lost. S-h-u-t-o-u-t. Bleh.

The hated man greets his hated fans:

One of the MANY reasons I like this sport... They tend to take their shirts off when the game is done. Hubba, hubba!

My two brats, after the game: