Saturday, March 22, 2008

Diva Party

I'm going to post way too many pics. Sorry. I can't narrow them down. The girls got hair, makeup, and nails done and they got to make their own lip gloss to take home. Plus I had pizza and ice cream cake for them. Ty stayed and helped me clean up between activities (we'd leave the room and when we came back, he'd have all the dishes cleaned up from pizza, stuff like that). He also was in charge of the iPod so we called him the dj. He did a great job picking songs the girls loved and they all sang so loud I'm sure the patrons upstairs could hear them. It was by far the most fun, easiest party I've ever thrown. Plus the salon opened a bottle of sparkling wine so while the girls had soda, I got my drink on. One girl didn't rsvp and I didn't know if she was coming or not so since I already paid for five girls, E took her place. Also in one pic, G is blowing out a pretend candle on her cake. I forgot the candle.

Hannah Montana, eat your heart out!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Renovation Update

Despite what you see in the pictures, I'm basically doing this alone so it's taken me two weeks to get the living room painted and the flooring ripped up. This week I'm starting in on the dining room. I really want to have this done by Steve and E's birthday (4/4). Here's my "befores" - sorry they're all just old pics. I didn't bother taking any before I started in on the painting.

E wanted to help SO badly. She sanded and helped paint primer. It wasn't until I got to the actual painting that she decided it wasn't that much fun anymore.

Wiping the ceiling down to get it ready to paint:

Pulling the staples out of the padding (there were like 3,000,000 of 'em)

Scrubbing up dirt and stuck-on carpet padding:

You can see what the floor looks like without carpeting. It needs refinished. We're hoping sometime this summer...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day!

S3 took a frozen pie to school for Pi day (today is 3-14, get it?). He wanted me to bake one but I just laughed at him.

He's really looking forward to Pi day in 2015. Yes I know my son is a geek. But he's a cute geek.

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