Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Got Hemorrhoids?

I was making a joke earlier in the evening about Preparation H and my kids were eavesdropping. We got in the car and S3 says to me, "Mom, what's that stuff you were talking about earlier?"

I said, "What? Preparation H? Do you know what hemorrhoids are?" He nods yes. "Well sometimes hemmorhoids itch and burn and hurt and so you put Preparation H in your anus to soothe them." And being the mature adult that I am, I started giggling, "Heh, heh, your anus - Uranus. Heh, heh."

So after some immature giggling we decided that Preparation H must come from Uranus. Ty says, "It must take a long time to get there."

And again being the mature adult that I am, I respond, "Yes and I hear it's very dark and stinky."

Ty says, "Yeah, and I hear to get there you have to go past the moons."

Friday, October 10, 2008

"My Penis Got Stuck in the Vacuum Cleaner"

Craig talks about the US and voting. Starting around 6:20 on the video.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Favorite Artwork

Girls' Weekend in DC

For Melanie's and my birthday, we went to DC for the weekend with our mom. The goal was to relax, look at some good art and watch a soccer game. We definitely had success. I'm having a really hard time paring down the pics so bear with me here.

We arrive Friday night and try to figure out the timer on one of the two cameras we had with us. Hilarity ensued.

Gorgeous view while we ate breakfast.

Had to get the usual pics in the Metro.

and in the Mall

Now, I took a lot of pix of art and I'm going to post a second post of my favs, but here's some pics of us in the museum.

Outside for a quick snack before going on to the modern art museum.

So by this time we were pretty tired and I know my feet and back were hurting so we headed back to the hotel to get a quick bite and the tickets to the game. I met an awesome guy online who happened to be travelling to Alaska with his wife at the same time that we were coming down for the game so I bought his tickets from him. They were awesome seats. Here's some of my fav pix from the game.

Ok now look, it was a long day. None of us look our best but I think I look especially bad. Plus it's a self portrait LOL!

Just loved this guy.

My dad is a big Chivas USA fan and he has a love/hate relationship with Klejstan

The first goal was so pitiful, look at our goalie's reaction

This halftime thing was hysterical. I have no idea what they were doing. Pushing a giant inflated ball for some reason.

Yes, yes, we lost. It was horribly embarrassing.

We relaxed afterward in the hotel restaurant-bar with fondue, crab cakes and drinks.

Melanie's was a little full. I don't even know how the waitress got it over to her.

We couldn't get the hotel room open with her insurance card. Turns out only the hotel room key will work for that.