Monday, August 24, 2009

I haven't blogged in forever

That doesn't mean I've stopped telling the entire world every stupid thing that goes on in my life. Far from it. It just means I've found faster, easier mediums with which to fascinate every person I've ever met with what I've had for breakfast.

I've been meaning to come post here some long drivel about this super big decision I have to make sometime really soon (continue in medicine or open a bookstore) but instead I think I'll tell you about the guy who pierced my nose.

He changed his gloves a hundred million times. I'm only partially exaggerating.

Look, I wipe people's hineys for a living. I understand germs and gloves and PPEs but seriously, this guy was really trying hard to remain clean. He would draw the dot on my nose, change his gloves. Open a package, change his gloves. I appreciate it. I'm sure it reduces the chance that my piercing will get infected but... well... it was still kinda weird.

All in all, he was a nice guy and the piercing didn't hurt at all after the needle was thru. Well done Kevin! Thanks!